Press for Jordan Rountree as Hal Cooper in Whit Stillman's The Cosmopolitans



"The Americans, Brody and a wonderfully tormented Jordan Rountree (whose French girlfriend has just dumped him for, possibly, the 16th time), and the suave Italian (an excellent Adriano Giannini), don’t so much pounce on Aubrey as adopt her." - The Huffington Post

"Hal (Jordan Rountree), meanwhile, is in an on-and-off relationship with a French woman, Clémence (Clémentine Baert), who keeps him in her clutches—where he’s willing to remain. His romantic ordeal is the mainspring of discussion with Jimmy and Sandro, and it quickly becomes the undesired business of a fourth café-going expat, a woman whom the American men call “gold-coat girl” (Chloë Sévigny)." - The New Yorker

"[Jimmy, played by Adam Brody]'s tall, thin, fair-complexioned friend Hal (Jordan Rountree), who resembles a cross between a Russian wolfhound and a human, is similarly unlucky; his girlfriend Clemence has left him, and he hangs on her every text message in the hopes she might be contacting him....Jordan Rountree’s obsession with receiving a text offers a funny runner throughout the pilot." - IndieWire


Press for Jordan Rountree as Kreatur in Gamut Inc.'s This Is Not A Swan Song


"Als inhaltliche Grundlage dient die Sammlung "Letzte Worte", in der Ernst Jünger die Äußerungen berühmter Sterbender kompilierte...Der Performer Jordan Rountree ist mit weißen Kontaktlinsen als eine Art Zombie-Schwan…Noise-Schwaden brechen sich an einem liturgisch anmutenden Chorpart, Perkussion-Strecken lassen in ihrer industriellen Mechanik an die Musik der Einstürzenden Neubauten denken, bis schließlich ein Glühbirnen-Lagerfeuer die Musik zu einem Ausdruck erwärmt, der an Johnny Cashs Spätwerk erinnert. In solch tollen Momenten dieses Abends verbinden sich Klang, Bühnenbild und Performance zu abstrakten, brüchigen und schimmernd jenseitigen Bildern….Ein sinnliches Ende. // The content of the collection is "Last Words", in which Ernst Jünger compiled the utterances of famous dying people...The performer Jordan Rountree, bearing white contact lenses and disguised as a kind of Zombie Swan, is responsible for delivering these weighty phrases back into the world... Noise swaths break against a liturgical choir, percussion tracks evoke Einstürzende Neubauten industrial sound, until finally a lightbulb campfire expresses the music’s warmth, reminiscent of Johnny Cash's late work. In such great moments of this evening, sound, stage design, and performance combine to form abstract, fragile and shimmering otherworldly images ... .A sensual ending"  - Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Im Mittelpunkt der Bühne steht eine Kreatur, dargestellt von Schauspieler Jordan Rountree...Schließlich liegen für Rountree silberne Astronauten-Handschuhe und Helm bereit, die er sich unter der Aufforderung des Chors anlegt: ein kleiner Daft-Punk-Moment. // At the center of the stage is a creature portrayed by actor Jordan Rountree... Ultimately, for Rountree, silver astronaut gloves and helmet are ready, which he lays out under the call of the choir: a little Daft Punk moment."


Press for Jordan Rountree in MacBeth Pro’s EPIC FAIL


"With just a few floor mounted lights, computer generated electronic music, and a few props, Rountree presents a moody, intense and never boring hour of storytelling. His weariness and homesickness are artfully conveyed. Rountree has created an interesting modern take on the classic tale that casts a spell over his audience." - Rob Stevens at Haines His Way

"Rountree places Elpenor in a modern context; dressed in a ghillie suit he shares the stage with an ice chest, lite beer, and electronic music. His Elpenor doesn’t really fit into an epic narration, any more than thousands of young reservists feel they belong in this country’s great national adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. Rountree’s piece while highly entertaining, has a swift undercurrent of sorrow to it. One aches for him, as he seems as oblivious to his approaching doom as a deer on a darkened road, mesmerized by those bright white circles that seem to be growing bigger and bigger. For an imaginative reworking of a classic and an intense committed performance, a gold medal." Ernest Kearney at TVolution